“challenging attitudes, changing behaviour, improving practice”

A variety of educational services are provided based upon individual and organisational requirements. The courses are design to challenge attitudes, develop knowledge and skills and are delivered by experts in a sensitive and entertaining style. Short and long courses are offered that aim to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve care.

Service integration through our consultants is also offered to maximise the impact of our educational products. This service offers practitioners the ability to be supervised during the development of competence and ensures that there is the appropriate infrastructure in-situ to facilitate their new practices.

These courses are taught by a team of experienced nurses who are experts within their speciality. All courses are regularly updated with the most up to date evidence base.

“We don’t provide courses for anyone else”

Our courses include:

  • Autonomous Nursing Practitioner Course
  • See & Treat
  • Focused Assessment Systematic Treatment (FAST)
  •  X-Ray Requesting & Interpretation
  • IRMER Training
  • Minor Illness Assessment & Management
  • Child Protection
  • ECG Interpretation
  • Blood Gas Analysis
  • Documentation Workshops
  • Legal and Professional Issues
  • Clinical Procedures
  • Resuscitation Training
  • Trauma Care
  • IV Cannulation
  • Venesection
  • Wound Closure
  • Casting
  • Sports Injury Management
  • Ophthalmology Presentations: Assessment & Management
  • Triage Training (Including Manchester Triage Second Edition)
  • Major Incident Planning
  • Verification of Death
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Chronic Wound Management
  • Infection Control
  • Manual Handling
  • Care of the Patient with a Tracheostomy
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation

What our customers & student have said: 

“The past 10 day course has proven to be an excellent learning opportunity and has increased my confidence and competence when treating patients. The contents have reached and exceeded my expectations and I would actively encourage fellow colleagues to attend. You work really hard (the company) and this has paid off. It is certainly a positive and excellent advert for the company. Well done to you!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed – best course I have ever done. A nervous wreck initially, but confidence built as course progressed. I thought I knew nothing at the start even though the lecturers didn’t agree. Of course they were right!! I am very positive for the future of my role and can now go forward and develop further my knowledge and skills and become a safe and effective Autonomous Nurse Practitioner. Thanks to Grant & Kevin Superb! (I’d like to do it all again now!). I would recommend this course to every A&E nurse.”

“The course exceeded all of my expectations; the topics were covered with expert speakers, who were able to interact with the group.”

“Before starting the course I was a little apprehensive but the informality of the teaching style and small numbers some allayed this.”

“My eyes have been opened wide during this course, my practise had altered and my documentation skills have improved. I have to think more critically which is always a challenge, also having a method to work by.”

“Well done, excellent, should be attended by all A&E nurses”